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The Stack Family


The Stack Family – Die Familie Stapel – Famille Courte Echelle – De Familie Stapel

Co-operative stacking game
Ages: 4+
Players: 1 – 6
Playing time: 10 min
Author: Steven Michiel Rijsdijk & Anne Mijkevan Harten


Game idea

On a sunny spring morning the Stack family wants to play outside with their balloon and kite. Could it be that the toy box was not closed properly? It seems the wind blew all our toys high into the tree. Help the parents and children climb on each others shoulders and reach everything before the sun sets.


The Stack Family is a game for the whole family. It is easy to learn, but not always easy to win! Together we think of how to get all the items out of the tree in time. Through the special and playful design the game is also suited for free play.


CONTENTS: Game board, Sun, Tree, consisting of 2 parts, Toy box, 4 Different toys, 4 Game pieces (2 parents & 2 children) Turntable with arrow, (12 animals only in the expansion)

All our Game rules are multi-lingual in English, German, French and Dutch.


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