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Mount Everest


Mount Everest

Co-operative adventure game
Ages: 7
Playing time: 20 min
Author: Jim Deacove


Mount Everest

A team of mountain climbers tries to reach the summit. The expedition will meet various troubles: difficult trajectories, heavy weather conditions and small accidents.

Through good co-operation and with the right equipment, the climb can continue. But in some cases, the climbers will have to backtrack to a supply spot to replenish their equipment.

MOUNT EVEREST is a real team game in which the players train their co-operation skills. For experienced players, this edition holds 2 game variations in which the weight of the equipment plays an important role.

CONTENTS: Game board, 30 mover cards, 22 equipment cards, 8 team cards, 1 team pawn, game rules in English, German, French and Dutch.


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