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Co-operative strategy game
Ages: 10
Players: 2 – 5
Playing time: 30 min
Author: Jouke Korf



Summer at the South Pole! Two young penguins and two young seals have their home on an ice floe that is melting down. They have to swim further and further to reach the fish shoals. On top of that, hunters are trying to shoot the seals and penguins.

The players make sure the four animals can grow up safely. They can deploy patrol vessels and helicopters to protect the animals against the hunters. When all animals are fully grown, the players win the game!

ANTARCTICA is a dynamic strategy game in which all players have their own task. Together, they keep a close watch on the movement of the fish and the hunters. The level of play can be varied.

CONTENTS: Game board, 18 ice tiles, 6 boats, 3 helicopters, 8 fish cards, 3 krill cards, 16 cards with seals and penguins, 5 task cards, game rules in English, German, French and Dutch.


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